23 Mayıs 2010 Pazar


It's difficult to say what happened lately in Greece: first a lot happened, then what happened, if we want to have an accurate analysis is a result of over 50 years political decisions.
Greece has a public dept of over 300 billion euro. Before the elections of October's 2009 the present "socialistic" government promised that it had a plan that would lead the country out of the crisis and wouldn't take austerity measures. Of course it is not possible for the capitalists to weather their crisis without inflicting the working class. The government adopted the most anti-worker policy since 1974 when the republic was restored in Greece. Unemployment will increase in the next months while they decrease salaries and pensions. The government asked for the International Monetary Fund and EU support. They considered government's measures modest and proposed even harder.
The working class replies with the most massive and radical demonstrations since the official dictatorship. In the meanwhile the state tries to terrify us with the increasing police violence, that hits students and the elderly without separation and with the same brunt. In corporation with the media, they name the social fighters as criminals, imprisons, tortures and humiliates them. They try to mark radical wings, anarchists and real communists as provocateurs.
On 5th and 6th May the virulence of the police violence is significant. Thousands of people demonstrate all over the country insisting on their vested rights. Without real reason police attacks the demonstrators, beats, terrifies and arrests them. Police enters without any procurator's permission and evicts a libertarian squat in Athens, attacks a legal social space of immigrants, enters random civilian houses and beat them without arresting them. Demonstrators try to siege the parliament. The conflicts of 5th led to the death of three people, working in a bank although 5th May was a strike.
We should not accept any limitation of our freedoms and rights that were gained with the struggles, even with the blood of the working class. We must stand against the state and the capital. We must use our real weapon: solidarity. Let the world workers shout: NO PASARAN! NOSOTROS PASAREMOS! *

*They shall not pass! We will pass!

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